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From: Bruno Marchal <>
Date: Sat, 28 Feb 2009 12:11:13 +0100

On 27 Feb 2009, at 13:34, ronaldheld wrote:

> The fifth edition of Mendelson's book is due out in August;is it
> worth waiting for?

I really don't know. My favorite edition is the first one, because
there is a nice appendix with a proof of the consistency of arithmetic
by transfinite induction, which is less informative than the original
proof by Gentzen, but more easy to follow.

> I will take a look at some of the links on Podnieks page.

This can surely help,



> Ronald
> On Feb 26, 11:17 am, Bruno Marchal <> wrote:
>> On 23 Feb 2009, at 16:40, ronaldheld wrote:
>>> Perhaps this paper would be of interest:
>>> Deterministic multivalued logic scheme for information processing
>>> and
>>> routing in the brain(
>>> Speaking of logic, even though I am not starting from zero,and given
>>> that it is not my full time profession, which papers/book should be
>>> read, and are they available online?
>> A very good book is the one by Eliot Mendelson:
>> MENDELSON E., 1987, Introduction to Mathematical Logic, 3ème édition,
>> Wadsworth &
>> brooks/Cole.
>> A good webpage is Podnieks page:
>>> finally what is the difference between being awake and asleep from
>>> the
>>> programmatic POV?
>> It is a like the difference between a solitaire video game, and a
>> collective video game, where many computational histories cohere and
>> glue together. It is still an open problem if that can exist with
>> comp, note!
>> It is related to the difference between first person, and first
>> person
>> plural, which, in both QM and pure comp, are defined by "population"
>> multiplication. If we are both annihilated and both reconstituted in
>> washington and Moscow, we can share indeterminacies and even use a
>> notion of Dutch Book probabilities.
>> Best,
>> Bruno
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