Re: briefly wading back into the fray re: UDA

From: Jack Mallah <>
Date: Mon, 9 Feb 2009 09:19:56 -0800 (PST)

--- On Mon, 2/9/09, Bruno Marchal <> wrote:
> good idea to resume UDA again

Bruno, I will post on the subject - but not yet. I do not want to get sidetracked from improving my paper.

> I see you have make some progress on the subject (but not yet on
> diplomacy, unless your "crackpot" wording is just an affectionate
> mark: I could be OK with that. Well we will see).

I will admit that diplomacy is not always my strong suit when dealing with controversial subjects.

My characterization of it is sincere, not affectionate, though mainly what made me say that is that you call it a proof. It's an argument, not a proof, and the argument fails to be convincing. Now many people make arguments that I don't buy and I don't necessarily call those arguments crackpot, but I will if they make too-strong claims.

> Welcome back to the list Jacques,

Thanks :)


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