Re: The Game of Life

From: Marchal <>
Date: Wed Dec 29 03:08:33 1999

George Levy wrote (cf original message below):

>OK. I agree with this. And, isn't it how we treat animals? We hunt them,
>them, eat them, torture them in the name of science. Yet from their own
>points of view they are suffering.

Yes. That is sad.

>> BM: But without changing
>> a lot your theory, you could accept that consciousness from the 1-person
>> point of view is absolute, and still relative from the 3-person
>> description.
>GL: Yes, I could agree with this. The first person perspective is "absolute"
>the sense that both observer and observee are one.

That is nicely captured by the fact that S4Grz = S4Grz*. Truth and
coincides for the first person. The first person is an intuitionnist
philosopher, it is a kind of solipsist.

>I guess, trying to use a
>mathematical terms, this is a degenerate case of a more general situation.
>physical terms could this be called an "invariant?" There may be invariant
>properties in making observer and observee identical. Hence the corollary
>that we are all the same "inside." Our own sense of ourselves is the same.

That is quite plausible. Here too modal logic could help making things
precise and showing the consistency of the points of view, but
I will not bore you with technicalities. Not now :-)

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