Re: Consciousness and free will

From: M.A. <>
Date: Sat, 29 Nov 2008 10:45:27 -0500

(Assuming MEC/Comp.and MWI) If the computational universe which I experience is a single instance of a vast array of similar universes playing out every possible variation of the initial axioms, then no one universe could depart from its predetermined program since in so doing it would alter its program and duplicate that of another universe thus spoiling the overall mission of implementing every possible variation. It follows that each program-universe is completely detirministic and that consciousness is merely an observing passenger inside the program; thus each program that contains a thinking entity is in a schizophrenic condition. This is because consciousness--which is part of the program--is capable of judging the actions of the program. When the program acts in a way approved by it, the thinker is encouraged to believe that its free will produced the action. But when the program acts in a manner repugnant to it, the conscious observer, refusing to give up the notion of free will, explains the lapse by rationalizations such as: God, luck, destiny, possession, halluciation etc. So every consciousness, bearing burdensome memories of repugnant actions, must either surrender the possibility of free will (fatalism), accept the intercession of supernatural powers (theology), or theorize an inaccessible part of itself that is able to override its purposes (Freud). All of which implies a schism between consciousness and one of the following: the program, the universe or itself.

I'd be interested to know to what extent my thinking about this question agrees with or goes against the present discussion.

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