RE: Heed Clarification on MW

From: Niclas Thisell <>
Date: Wed, 15 Dec 1999 14:28:14 +0100

Russel Standish wrote in part
> > So you were actually able to control the probability of
> outcomes? What's
> > the secret? I'd like to know how you did it. :)
> >
> All I do is repeat the desired for out come 3 times over (neither more
> or less). However, I'm sure any type of meditative technique would
> work as well provided you're convinced it will work.

Hard to say if this is humor, incredibly close to crackpotism or way,
way past :-).

Let me try to extract one possible grain of truth from your voodoo
magic, if you will.
This is, in part, related to the question; Why do I not find myself to
be an ant?
The number of ants vastly outnumbers the number of humans. So I should
be suprised to find myself human. (We could put it like this; assuming
ignorance on the ratio ants/human, and given the fact that I'm human, a
guess would be that the number of ants is not vastly greater than the
number of humans.)
A reasonable explanation for this is that ants have a lower degree of
So, this may be taken to say that we are more likely to find ourselves
in a world where we have a greater degree of consciousness.

Now, if we could somehow affect this measure ourselves, we would
actually be given a small amount of 'additional control' of the world.
One example is the infamous Quantum Suicide, where we regulate the
amount of consciousness by simply killing ourselves if things don't go
the way we want them.

I take it you are suggesting that you can control your measure of
consciousness more fine-grained than by QS. One example could be that a
total lack of intellectual stimulus would lead to a zombie-mode of
sorts, possibly reducing the measure.
One subtle question inevitably pops up; Who has greater measure - a guy
living life to its fullest, having daily one night stands with
supermodels and no worries what so ever? Or someone doing a lot of
thinking (i.e. being bored).
Am I more likely to find myself bored than others?

Having said that, I'm not even sure Quantum Suicide would do any good.
Either way, one thing is for sure; In my world you are fooling yourself
and your dice-tricks never worked.

Anyway, I wish, I wish, I wish I find myself in a world where I'm having
sex with Denise Richards....
*nothing yet*,
Niclas Thisell
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