my thoughts on Max Tegmark's "ultimate ensemble theory" paper, etc.

From: Iain Stewart <>
Date: Fri, 10 Dec 1999 21:14:14 +0000

Hello everythingers (and Max)... After "lurking" on this mailing list for quite
some time now, I've decided to take the plunge and advertise here a web page
I've prepared giving my own thoughts on the possibilities for a theory of
everything. It's mainly my comments on the avenue I regard as most promising,
and which was one of the foundation stones that helped this list get started
with something to talk about(!) - namely, Max Tegmark's "ultimate ensemble
theory" paper, available in various formats at his web site
( or as preprint gr-qc/9704009

Probably the best way to view my web page is via the "Crit" web annotation and
critical discussion service:

(Indeed, I can recommend the Crit service for viewing the web in general! Just
put the prefix "" in front of whatever URL you were going to
look at.)

If the Crit service gives problems (e.g. it's sometimes down or very slow),
you'll just have to drop the "" prefix and view my page

I should warn that it's rather technical in places, and in particular will not
make sense outside the context of Max's paper. (Cynics will no doubt say it
doesn't make that much sense *in* the context of Max's paper! :-) ) Also, it's
worded as if "to Max", i.e. "you" means Max, etc etc - this is simply because
it's an adaptation to HTML form of a message from me to Max of 28th September
1997, and it was simplest to leave it in that grammatical form.

I hope at least part of it proves interesting to somebody. Comments and
criticisms welcome. (I can't promise to reply to all e-mail 'cos this is a busy
time here at Imperial College, but I'll try my best.)


Iain Stewart
Dept. of Computing
Imperial College, London SW7 2AZ, U.K.
(+44) 20-7594-8349
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