Re: Emotions

From: Michael Rosefield <>
Date: Sat, 25 Oct 2008 03:24:15 +0100

Absolutely, I don't think anyone could question this. Sensations are so
filtered and processed that the sensorium we experience is pretty much just
an elaborate fabrication of the brain... and no perception,
memory-association or thought comes naked into our qualia - they all have
some emotional dressing. Plus, I'm guessing that all the background
subconsciousnesses (I mean that literally - all the potential Identities
that don't quite make all the way to full conscousness) have their own
emotional baggage that surely has a significant affect upon us.

2008/10/24 Brent Meeker <>

> I do think that perception is more than just receiving/recording data. It
> includes an emotion or feeling that "this is worth noticing", i.e. "paying
> attention". You don't perceive everything that impinges on your nervous
> system.
> Brent

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