Re: multiverse talk

From: John Mikes <>
Date: Tue, 8 Jul 2008 11:02:17 -0400

I put in my tuppence only because your audience is from Sci-Fi, I am not a
physicists and have different ideas from most physicist members of this
list. I guess your audience will be German, so they may accept that there is
no 'evidence' of a Multiverse consisting of identical universes to the one
we know, eo ipso I postulate that the universes are of different qualia.
Maybe all of them, but not excluding SOME identical ones (e.g. like ours, or
different). I slanted my 'narrative' to such possible condition. (Karl
Jaspers Forum -- TA-62MIK 2003 includs it).
IMO people know too much mathematics and take it too seriously, even include
it into - what they call - reality.
A Star Trek Fan audience should accept that the ongoing (conventional)
"physical world" is a figment within the present state of the human mind amd
its so far achieved epistemic enrichment - cognitive (scientific?)
I would not make such a talk a '101' physics lesson, not even an advanced
one - acceptable in 08 for academia. Good luck and let us know about further
Best wishes
John Mikes
lover of Star Trek I

On Mon, Jul 7, 2008 at 5:14 PM, Ronald Held <> wrote:

> I am giving a talk on the Multiverse to Star Trek fans in several
> weeks. I would appreciate any advice and suggestions, since as of now,
> I have an outline based on Tegmark's four levels.
> >

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