Re: All feedback appreciated - An introduction to Algebraic Physics

From: Bruno Marchal <>
Date: Wed, 14 May 2008 15:55:14 +0200

Le 13-mai-08, à 18:27, Brian Tenneson a écrit :

> I must admit to a little hand waving.  OK, maybe a lot.

Actually you are not. Not necessarily so, I mean. *I* could have been
wrong. Let me explain:

When you said:

<<Randomness implies consciousness.>>

I interpreted as: "Randomness causes or produces consciousness". But
UDA (the first three steps) shows that it is consciousness (or first
person awareness) which causes, or produces, or makes it possible that,
randommess feeling. Just think about the iterated self-duplication
thought experiment. In that case randomness implies not only
consciousness or at least first person apprehension.

So the question is: what do you mean by "implies". Is it "material
implication" like the classical logical implication, or do you mean
that there is some third person ("objective") notion of randomness
playing some role in the rise of consciousness. Something like that
could also exist, but not at the same level of the first person
indeterminacy which is a form of subjective uncertainty occurring
*thanks* to the third person, objective determinacy.

Also, your repeating non ending post, has made still more obscure the
reason why you want a universal set. If such a set "exists" (in which
set theoiry?) it should be used to cut out such infinite behavior, in
some theory of meaning, not to produce them. If not, then the best
"universal set" is the universal machine. It seems to me.

And then you seem to distinguish awareness and consciousness, or
self-awareness and self-consciousness. Am I right? What is the
relevance of that distinction (and which one?) for your message?

I try to get your point, You should perhaps try to write a short
informal text "for the children". That could help.
You could also make some economy of thought by first studying the UDA
perhaps. It shows that he comp hyp put very strong constraints on the
possible mind-body relationships. If you dfend a non-computationalist
hyposthesis, it is ok, but even in that case the UDA can help you to
learn something, I sincerely think.

To be sure, I will be more and more busy, and so expect my
aswers/comments/questions to be more and more delayed. I'm sorry for


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