RE: On Russell's Derivation of Quantum Mechanics

From: Hal Ruhl <>
Date: Sun, 27 Apr 2008 18:06:44 -0500

Hi Youness/Russell:

I am very interested in this thread.


In our last conversation you got me to look at my completeness resolution
driven transitions in the evolution of my Somethings [universes] as
information processing.

>From that point, if I alter the transition slightly and make it an influx of
information from the rest of the Everything that enables resolution of some
of the incompleteness rather than directly resolving it then a selection
process on this new information is required to complete the resolution
process. While many selection processes may be possible an anthropic one
seems to fit some of the circumstances of our universe.

I now seem to have covered the basic outputted aspects of your approach [I
think], but with just one [as far as I can tell] postulate:

"There is an ALL [the complete ensemble of divisors [information] and its
own divisions [collections of information]] that contains as two of its
divisions the Everything and the Nothing."

>From this using the inherent "incompleteness"- [the duration meaningful
question] - and "no selection - [no net information in the ALL] properties
of these structures I extract the components: time, variation, selection
[anthropic included], heritability, prediction, communication, evolution,

My approach seems to get to a similar place by a simpler path.

So I hope the derivation of quantum mechanics is also there, unfortunately I
do not have the background to aid the construction of the derivation in much
of a mathematical way.


Regarding your comments on page 4 of your analysis:

I appear to have been able to derive the necessity for a selection process
within an evolving universe. By the global "no selection" rule for the ALL
the type of process is not restricted. Therefore from this derivation
consciousness is not a requirement in order to have a process but may be
present. Also from this derivation, the process is an inseparable part of
the system.

Hal Ruhl

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Hi Youness,

Thanks for this, it is very impressive. You have gone into this in far
more depth than the referees of the "Why Occams Razor" paper. I will
respond to this soon, but rather than shoot from the hip, I'll take
some time to respond thoughtfully.

As for not proclaiming scientific revolutions, I sort of do that in , which I wrote for the
centenary of Planck's revolutionary paper ushering in quantum
mechanics. It is basically an op ed where I noticed the similarities
between my approach, Bruno's and Roy Frieden's approaches, and
concluded that a scientific revolution was indeed in the
offing. Unfortunately, that article didn't get much airtime, which I
suspect says more about inherent media biases than anything else.

Nevertheless, if the argument I presented stands up, it is very
important, so it requires rigorous scrutiny. Extraordinary claims
requires extraordinary evidence, as the late AC Clarke would
say. Thank you for getting the ball rolling on this.

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