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From: Christopher Maloney <>
Date: Mon, 29 Nov 1999 22:27:23 -0500

"Jacques M. Mallah" wrote:
> You need to make a clearer distinction between Everett's MWI and
> the AUH of Tegmark et al.
> For that matter, many of us on this list, including me, lay claim
> to inventing a version of the AUH. I do not think attributing it to just
> Tegmark, Marchal and Schmidhuber is fair.

I agree with the first sentence, but we should all realize that
this idea is, in fact, quite old. I've been discovering this fact
gradually for the last year or so. Arthur Lovejoy traced the
concept of the "Principle of Plenitude" throughout the history of
philosophy *up until the 1920's*, when he wrote the book. I've
just started this book, but it's clear that there has been
considerable sophisticated thought on this possible explanation
for quite a long time.

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