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From: Lennart Nilsson <>
Date: Wed, 2 Apr 2008 09:45:01 +0200

If it had not been first of april that is...

[] För Michael Rosefield
Skickat: den 1 april 2008 21:30
Ämne: Re: Neuroquantology

I think that answers that question....
On 28/03/2008, Russell Standish <> wrote:

I just had a cold call from an editor of a fairly new journal called
NeuroQuantology (, which has its focus
area on the intersection of cognitive science and quantum physics. The
nature of this topic, of cause, gives rise to no end of kookiness, but
this doesn't mean there isn't a serious subject here waiting to be
explored (indeed this is a major theme of my book Theory of Nothing).

I was wondering if anyone has had experience of this journal, and
whether its publishing standards are as rigorous as they claim. They
claim to be indexed by ISI (they're not in the 2006 JCR, but since
they only claimed to have just received ISI indexing, that is not
suprising). Some of the paper titles look intriguing, but you have to
register in order to download abstracts, so I haven't done that yet.

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