Re: Discussion of Logic re Physics

From: Russell Standish <>
Date: Sat, 8 Mar 2008 20:18:34 +1100

On Fri, Mar 07, 2008 at 09:18:33PM -0800, Brian Tenneson wrote:
> I previously tried cutting and pasting the text instead of giving a
> link no one apparently went to before replying because the formatting
> was off. So I will do that because it seems that would be prudent. I
> figured it out. (I'm not computer guru....)

Wow 1700 lines of stuff. Not well organised, slabs quoted en masse
from papers that are already fairly familiar, and duplicate
information. No wonder people find it hard to respond.

The various Tegmark papers referenced in your discussion have been
discussed on this list before. I'll comment where you seem to be
adding something.

I haven't read Daegene Song's Non-Computability of Consciousness paper
yet, but I'm sceptical it would be a strike against CUH (or COMP). I'm
also rather sceptical about purported quantum functions being
necessary for consciousness. Also, it is known that quantum computers
are classically emulable (with exponential slowdown).

Alright - I think the heart of where you wish to go is to use fuzzy
logic to describe the mathematical structure of all mathematical
structures. I don't know enough fuzzy logic. Is there a fuzzy
universal set? And can one avoid Russell's paradox in FL?

I'm not sure I would personally proceed further than this, my preferred
ontological basis differs a bit from Tegmark's, and consequently
doesn't suffer from this issue of consistently having to specify all
of mathematics. The same can be said of Bruno's ontological basis,
which differs yet again.

In your next post - there is no bird's bird. A bird viewpoint is in
fact the viewpoint of nobody. All it is a bunch of symmetries, really,
with symmetries broken in just those necessary ways to allow an
observer. See the discussion in section 9.1 of my book, in particular
about the 3rd person viewpoint, which is effectively Max's bird viewpoint.

I got lost on your speculations on the excluded middle. Perhaps you
can refine. Was it connected with your fractal musings earlier perhaps?


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