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From: Ken Fisher <>
Date: Tue, 23 Nov 1999 14:16:54 GMT

Hi James

> What's up with the list? I seem not to heve received anything since
> 20th November. Did I unsubscribe by mistake? And where's the archive?

I've received 10 messages since then and I'm still able to access
the archive at

> Comments, please, on the following piece for inclusion in the Journal of the
> Buddhist society. Notification of any actual inaccuracies will be especially
> welcome.

I think it's good and I didn't find any inaccuracies, but I do have a
question. You say:

"According to Everett's MWI, the universe is branching off every
Planck Time [1e-43 second] into countless billions of other
universes, each an unmoving snapshot in time, and each branching out
in turn."

You've suggested in several of your posts to this list and the avoidl
list that the universe branches *"every Planck time"*, but I've never
found another source that seems so sure about it. I'd be interested
if you have any references.

It's certainly not the view, for example, of the mwi faq at which says:
"Worlds irrevocably "split" at the sites of measurement-like
interactions associated with thermodynamically irreversible

I'd very much appreciate comments about this either from you or
from anyone else on the list.

Ken Fisher
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