Re: How does this probability thing work in MWI?

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Date: Mon, 22 Nov 1999 17:24:34 -0800

Fritz Griffith, <>, writes:
> ok, I understand that QM defines the probability of which universe we will
> end up in.

> [...]

> Unfortunately, for
> every world that was expected to happen, there will be AT LEAST AS MANY
> WORLDS THAT WERE UNEXPECTED BUT DID HAPPEN, observed as a whole by the SAS's
> of all universes. So, no matter what kind of reasoning you apply to QM
> probabilities, the unexpected will happen to all but a very small minority
> of SAS's. How can we be so lucky as to be among that small minority?

This is only a puzzle if you think that we need to be lucky to be among
a small minority. But the only way that we'd have to be lucky to be
among that minority would be if it were improbable.

However earlier you wrote that you understood that QM defined
probabilities about which universe we would end up in. And these are
not equal probabilities. We are much more likely to find ourselves as
certain SAS's than as others.

Therefore we don't have to be "lucky" to find ourselves among a certain
small minority of SAS's. In fact this is by far the most likely outcome.

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