Re: against UD+ASSA, part 1

From: Pete Carlton <>
Date: Tue, 2 Oct 2007 14:49:24 -0700

>> Since barring global disaster there will be massively more observers
>> in the future, why did you find yourself born so early? Surely your
>> probability of being born in the future (where there are far more
>> observers) was much much higher than your chances of being born so
>> early among a far smaller pool of observers?

Isn't there a major problem here with the word "you" here? To whom or
what is it referring?

If it is asking "Why did you, Brent, a man born in the 20th century,
find yourself born in the 20th century?", then the answer is obvious;
it's like asking why is twelve twelve, and not a thousand. You're not
picking a number randomly when you ask "Why is twelve twelve?" -
you're picking twelve.

The target of your question (Brent) indeed lives at a time with a
relatively small number of observers - if you want to talk about how
things are in the future, maybe you should ask someone in the future...

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