Re: Universal prior - Go FORTH and Run Backward

From: Alastair Malcolm <>
Date: Sun, 14 Nov 1999 16:11:44 -0000

>Chris Maloney wrote:
> Tegmark says "one of each structure up to isomorphism". But now I
> keep thinking that that won't do at all, either. As the newcomer
> Fritz just recently said:
> Considering that every possible state does exist in some world,
> it seems safe for me to conclude that there is only one world
> corresponding to every state, and the chance of finding
> ourselves in any possible universe is just as likely as any
> other. The result would be total chaos.
> If there's one of each, and each has an equal measure, then how come
> I don't find myself embroiled in a chaotic universe?

One mathematical structure does not necessarily correspond to one
universe. If we take the axioms of mathematical structures(/formal systems)
as the basis of our measure (see my post of 16/10), or other
non-anthropically-biassed bases (see my web pages), this problem dissolves
away. (Note I am talking in the context of all-possible-universes here, not
MWI of QM.)


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