Re: Pedagogy question (was: out-of-line)

From: Bruno Marchal <>
Date: Fri, 27 Jul 2007 16:10:08 +0200

Le 27-juil.-07, à 13:31, David Nyman a écrit :

> How will I ever know? I suppose I'm asking: what specifically are the
> critical tests?

See my answer to Tom. A specific test would be to test some Bell
inequality in the comp phys. To say more I have to be more technic, and
I am not sure this is not a bit premature. Let me think ... Not all
attempt to explain this in the past (of the list) has been successful,
so I have to work the technics.
What are your knowledge of quantum mechanics? Have you study some
quantum algorithm, Deutsch problem, counterfactual quantum
computations. You know, to ANY points of view (first, second, third,
..., of machines, angels, Gods,) you can associate formally some
multiverse structures. As you know, observation has lead to expect
those multiverse to exist in some more palatable ways. The empirical
test consists in comparing those multiverse strurctures atatched to
entitiess-points of view and what we observe ... indirectly
(observation is always indirect, ok?).

> Either way, could I
> implore, cajole, wheedle, or simply ask (but never force) you to
> explain the main thrust in English with as few preconceptions as
> possible?

Yes. You can implore, cajole or simply ask. (I'm a bit less sure for
the wheedling given that I don't know what that means!).
As for the preconceptions, *you* have to say the relevant "Why?" and
"How so?" in the relevant places ...
I will try asap.



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