Re: Universal prior - Go FORTH and Run Backward

From: Marchal <>
Date: Sat Nov 13 10:41:42 1999

David Lloyd-Jones wrote:

>Marchal <> writes:
>> I have still a question for Russell, what is the meaning of
>> giving a "physical existence" to a mathematical structure ? This is
>> not at all a clear statement for me.
>There is a tendency for sciences to speak in the metaphors of the age in
>which they arise. Thus economics is written in the language of steam
>engines: pressures, velocities, inflation, volumes.
>In a few years time I think people will look back and laugh at this period
>when the cosmos was talked about in the language of desktop computing.
> -dlj.

You will be right if someone refute Church's Thesis.
In the other case the importance of the concept of "universal machine"
will increase for ever. If we can survive with digital brains then
even physics will appear to be a branch of theoretical computer
science (studying the way some machines's dream recover themselves).

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