White Rabbits and QM

From: Russell Standish <R.Standish.domain.name.hidden>
Date: Fri, 12 Nov 1999 14:24:02 +1100 (EST)

My much hyped paper is now available for review and criticism
(hopefully constructive). The URLs are
http://parallel.hpc.unsw.edu.au/rks/docs/ps/occam.ps.gz or
http://parallel.hpc.unsw.edu.au/rks/docs/occam/ depending on whether
you like your papers in postscript or HTML.

The abstract reads:

In this paper, I show why in an ensemble theory of the universe, we
should be inhabiting one of the elements of that ensemble with least
information content that satisfies the anthropic principle. This
explains the effectiveness of aesthetic principles such as Occam's
razor in predicting usefulness of scientific theories. I also show,
with a couple of reasonable assumptions about the phenomenon of
consciousness, that quantum mechanics is the most general linear
theory satisfying the anthropic principle.

I haven't decided which journal to send this to yet.


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