Re: Asifism revisited.

From: Quentin Anciaux <>
Date: Wed, 4 Jul 2007 13:59:47 +0200

Your example suppose many things which are not granted to be possible:
1- The one who compare them is in neither of them... What is comparing
these universes ? a conscious being ?
2- The fact that they are identical implies that both have
consciousness. If one really lacked it then they would be no one to
ask what it feels as they're would be no person in it and that would
be a huge difference.

I don't remember having read participants of this list arguing for a
dualism of consciousness. Consciousness must be a process created by
properties of this universe, it is not a component that can be thrown
out, it is part of it.

If behavior is the same as a conscious being (please mind that for
this comparison you acknowledge the existence of at least one to
compare) then the being is conscious too. You can't say they're the
same but are different, it is not consistant.


2007/7/4, Torgny Tholerus <>:
> Jason skrev:
> > Note that you did not say "thought" was non-existent in B-universe, I
> > think one can construct complex conscious awareness to the collection
> > of a large number of simultaneous thoughts.
> I had the intention to include "thoughts", but I was unsure about how to
> spell that word (where to put all those "h":s...), so I included the
> thoughts in "all that kind of stuff". The B-Universe should not include
> any thouths(!). The B-Universe should be a strictly materialistic Universe.
> --
> Torgny Tholerus
> >

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