Re: How would a computer know if it were conscious?

From: Russell Standish <>
Date: Mon, 4 Jun 2007 01:45:37 +1000

I don't see that you've made your point. If you achieve this, you have
created an artificial creative process, a sort of holy grail of
AI/ALife. However, it seems far from obvious that consciousness should
be necessary. Biological evolution is widely considered to be creative
(even exponentially so), but few would argue that the biosphere is
conscious (and has been for ca 4E10 years).


On Mon, Jun 04, 2007 at 10:48:07AM +1000, Colin Hales wrote:
> Sorry about the previous post... I did it from the the Google
> list....something weird happened.
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> Hi folks,
> Re: How would a computer know if it were conscious?
> Easy.
> The computer would be able to go head to head with a human in a competition.
> The competition?
> Do science on exquisite novelty that neither party had encountered.
> (More interesting: Make their life depend on getting it right. The
> survivors are conscious).
> Only conscious entities can do open ended science on the exquisitely novel.
> You cannot teach something how to deal with the exquisitely novel because
> you haven't any experience of it to teach. It means that the entity must
> be configurted as a machine that "learns how to learn something". This is
> one meta-level removed from your usual AI situation. It's what humans do.
> During neogenesis and development, humans 'learn how to learn how to
> learn".
> If the computer/scientist can match the human/'s as
> conscious as a human. It must be.
> cheers
> colin hales
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