Re: A sequel to my 1996 "ultimate ensemble theory" paper

From: Torgny Tholerus <>
Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2007 10:52:48 +0200
Max skrev:
Hi Folks,

After a decade of procrastination, I've finally finished writing up a
sequel to that paper that I wrote back in 1996 (Is "the theory of
everything'' merely the ultimate ensemble theory?) that's been the
subject of so much interesting discussion in this group.
It's entitled "The Mathematical Universe", and you'll find it at and
- I'd very much appreciate any comments that you may have.
I have now read your new paper more carefully, and I have then found one error in it.  I the top of page 6 you write:

But there is a length scale "1" of special significance in our physical space, namely the Planck length:
l_P =\sqrt\frac{\hbar G}{c^3} \thickapprox 1.616 24 (12) \times 10^{-35}meter.  And there is a time period of special significance, namely the Planck time:
t_P = \sqrt{\frac{\hbar G}{c^5}} \approx 5.39121(40) \times 10^{-44} s.  (Source: Wikipedia.)
So when you look for the mathematical system that is our universe, you have to look at the mathematical systems that have a special unit length and a special unit time.
Torgny Tholerus

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