Re: Evidence for the simulation argument

From: Bruno Marchal <>
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2007 11:55:16 +0200

Le 07-mars-07, à 04:40, Jesse Mazer wrote :

> 0d5915764b7f3e08/fc56caf79ce58750?#fc56caf79ce58750
> Jesse

That is: 14 Mar 2001: Jesse wrote (in part):

> A lot of people have a lot of different ideas about TOE's on this
> list, so
> maybe the global measure issue could help clarify where we all stand
> in
> relation to each people have specific proposals about
> this?  I
> guess the other relevant question is, what is the set of "everything"
> that
> you're putting the measure on...all computations?  All mathematical
> structures?  All observer-moments?

John M asked also:

> BTW:
> what do you mean by "interviewing the L-machine?

Jesse's question is *the* important question in the list. I just recall
it. But also, I will take the opportunity of John's question to explain
a bit more the interview of the Lobian machine, and what that is, and
how it helps to provide answers to Jesse's questions, when we assume
explicitly the comp hyp. Asap, because I'm busy. I will try to give
answers without too much technical details, but that is really what
makes that exercise difficult. I hope I can do that already this week.
Of course everyone can use the question of Jesse to make a bit more
precise where they stand from the others indeed, I'm interested too.


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