Re: String theory and Cellular Automata

From: Bruno Marchal <>
Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2007 15:25:31 +0100

You could be interested by a paper introducing String theory as a
syntactical logical structure by the "other Schmidhuber" (Juergen's
brother Christof):


  What are strings made of? The possibility is discussed that strings
are purely mathematical objects, made of logical axioms. More
precisely, proofs in simple logical calculi are represented by graphs
that can be interpreted as the Feynman diagrams of certain large-N
field theories. Each vertex represents an axiom. Strings arise, because
these large-N theories are dual to string theories. These ``logical
quantum field theories'' map theorems into the space of functions of
two parameters: N and the coupling constant. Undecidable theorems might
be related to nonperturbative field theory effects.

This is infinitely better than Wolfram pure classical CA approach which
has no rules for distinguishing 1 and 3 person notion, and so miss the
idea of internal emerging physical laws.

Le 14-mars-07, à 10:23, Mohsen Ravanbakhsh a écrit :

> I'm thinking there's some kind of similarity between string theory and
> depicting the world as a big CA. In String theory we have some
> vibrating strings which have some kind of influence on each other and
> can for different matters and fields. CA can play such role of
> changing patterns and of course the influence is evident. Different
> rules in CA might correspond to various basic shapes of vibration in
> strings...
> I don't know much about S.T. but the idea of such mapping seems very
> interesting.
> --
> Mohsen Ravanbakhsh.
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