Statistical Measure, does it matter?

From: Jason <>
Date: Sat, 17 Mar 2007 20:25:44 -0700

Every conscious perspective within the UD could be said to have some
statistical measure in relation to other conscious perspectives.
Which is to say, some experiences occur with a greater frequency than
others. However, I am wondering if any useful conclusions can be made
from this as Self Sampling Assumptions do.

An argument that casts doubt on SSA's is: First, whatever measure an
experience has, if it exists in the UD it has probability 1 of being
experienced, regardless of how frequently or infrequently it occurs in
the UD. Second, if two experiences are indistinguishable what/how/why
does it matter if it is experienced one time or a million? How can an
experience be given more "weight" by being more common within the UD?
Is it meaningful to say an experience can be experienced multiple

A reason for believing SSA's is: If one considered an infinite set
containing one instance of every distinguishable observer moment, more
would contain disorded and illogical (talking white rabbit)
experiences vs. what we would consider to be ordered and logical
experiences. Consider just visual experiences, there are many more
ways for a disordly almost random image (such as this ) to be
experienced than for a meaningful image (like your computer monitor
infront of you) to be experienced.

As you read and contemplate this post, you find yourself experiencing
a rational universe and perspective. Is your experience now a rare
abberation among the set of all possible experiences or is there
something to be said for SSA's? SSA's would suggest most experiences
are produced in universes that are stable and ordered enough for life
to evolve, and therefore making completely illogical experiences
highly unlikely (but not impossible as they could occur as the initial
conditions of a program in the UD).

Do most on this list believe there must be some statistical reason for
the order of your current observer moment? Are self sampling
assumptions necessary to rule out talking white rabbit experiences?


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