Re: The Meaning of Life

From: Kim Jones <>
Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2007 18:15:00 +1100

On 14/03/2007, at 5:59 PM, Brent Meeker wrote:

>> nevertheless
>> I think we need more on question 1
>> Questions 2 and 3 appear to have answers of sorts
>> Kim Jones
> What kind of statement would you regard as an answer to why there
> is something rather than nothing? For example here are some
> possible answers:
> 1. What is there? Everything! What isn't there? Nothing!
> 2. Nothing is unstable (Frank Wilczek, Nobelist physics)
> 3. Why should Nothing be the default and Something need an
> explanation?
> 4. The universe is just Nothing rearranged (Vic Stenger, Yonatan
> Fishman)
> I think it's one of those questions that seems as if it should have
> answer because it is so simple and clear, but which on reflection
> you find isn't clear at all. What is Nothing? Can you conceive of
> Nothing? Is absolute Nothing a coherent concept or is Nothing just
> absence of matter, i.e. empty space.
> Brent Meeker

I believe that the 'ability to conceive of nothing' - in a Loebian
machine context might be forbidden under comp (I could be wrong)

I cannot personally conceive of nothing. All of your four statements
may well apply - its just not the whole description. Nothing is BIG
enough to encompass at least four descriptive statements - it can
surely hold a few more

doing pretty well for a bunch of nothin

Can we say that nothing is *big* in some sense and therefore have
that property? It's a nonsensical idea but you never know

Is nothing big or small



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