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From: Jason <>
Date: Fri, 09 Feb 2007 16:56:06 -0000

On Feb 9, 7:59 am, "John M" <> wrote:
> Jason,
> the site is great, maybe greater than I can realize today.
> I, as a practical computer illiterate, (never learned any computerese courses, not even from books) sat before it with awe, - admiring that it works!
> I might have missed it when I tried: I did not find a place "to look up" topics (as in an index) to read about - to my choice. Clivkably, or advised under what name to find it,
> not 'included' in some topic, but alphabetically. Search seemed to work like a computer: lookiong for 'exact format' only. Maybe this is too hard, however I trust your skills, professor.


Thanks, I think too that the site will evolve into something great.
You are right the search functionality of pages is lacking, however on
the main page ( ) I included a link
to the listing of all pages (
). There is also a listing of Categories ( )
which I think might be what you are looking for. As long as people
are good about placing articles into categories then the category
system provides an effective organiziation for the site. Clicking any
of those category links will automatically show all articles placed
into that category. Articles can also belong to multiple categories.
I think its up to all of us how useful the site becomes, if we make
the most of all the features the wiki provides we should do pretty



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