RE: ASSA and Many-Worlds

From: Hal Ruhl <>
Date: Sun, 28 Jan 2007 23:02:37 -0500

One thing that I do not agree with is what seems to me to be a common
holding regarding observer moments [by this I mean discrete states of
universes [which are a sub set of possible "objects"]] is that they
are each so far assumed to have a set of properties that are to some
extent the same as other observer moments and to some extent
different from all other observer moments [to distinguish individual
moments] but nevertheless the properties of an individual observer
moment are fixed for that observer moment.

This to me is not logical since it is a selection and why that
selection? Why not have some blend of variable properties and fixed
properties as a possibility? This seems more in accord with a zero
information ensemble.

Further, if it is also held that observer moments can not interact -
that is also a selection.

I have proposed in other posts that there should be at least one
variable property through which universe states can interact. The
idea is that all possible universe states have a uniform existence
property, but also can have an addition property that is a variable
that one could call hyper existence through which they can
interact. They interact by mutually altering each others hyper
existence property. This variable property should not have just a
binary set of values as a possibility but should also have many
discrete levels as a possibility - again to avoid selection. In
other words a universe state could experience a non square pulse of
hyper existence which could span many of the "this particular state"
to other state interactions. This would be like a "wave" of hyper
existence propagating through some succession of universe
states. Non binary, non square pulses of propagating hyper existence
could be a basis for what is called "consciousness" - a "flow" of
modulated awareness.

Given a random component to the underlying dynamic [which I have also
discussed ] some such wave propagations with non binary, non square
pulses of hyper existence would be through infinite strings of
successive states that would all be "life" - and even beyond that -
"SAS" friendly.

Hal Ruhl


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