Re: ASSA and Many-Worlds

From: Russell Standish <>
Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2007 02:07:40 +1100

On Sat, Jan 27, 2007 at 04:11:00AM -0800, William wrote:
> Your replys are really difficult for me to read, something seems to go
> wrong in their formatting.

Me too!

> ASSA predicts you are most likely to be thinking that you are 50, and
> if any random consciousness thinks he is 50 years of age, he will be
> correct in zillion/(zillion+99) cases, but there is no way to actually
> know to know this no ... The real question is what happens if an
> infinite number of copies are created, then ASSA states you will
> actually be thinking you are 50 for sure, and RSSA may avoid this
> paradox in this case ... That is the paradox I was referring to and

There is good reason to suppose that the absolute measure of an
observer moment is inversely proportional to the exponential of the
OM's complexity (this is discussed elsewhere in my book). In such a
case, newborn OM's have vastly greater liklihood of being experienced
than (say) 40 year old adult OMs.

Now of course if you throw in a mischievous deity and you can make up whatever
scenario you like. This is a favourite pastime of the "God moves in
mysterious ways" folk. However, there is no reason for me take any such
proposal seriously until such time as there is some evidence
supporting such mechanisms.

> there are similar paradoxes which are not avoided by the above
> definition RSSA sampling your birth moment.

Which paradoxes? The Adam and Eve paradox has been dealt with in a
Multiverse context in other everything-list postings, and the original
Doomsday Argument is not a paradox AFAICT.

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