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Date: Fri Oct 8 06:55:47 1999

James wrote :
>So why don't you agree with the 1-bit idea?
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>> >Well, there is one bit of information in the universe - 'something
>> exists'
>> >could be 1 or 0. It is 1.
>> >James
>> I don't agree. The power of the All Universe Hypothesis (AUH) or of the
>> plenitude principle (arithmetical or not) is that the information
>> is typically 1-person point of view information.
>> So with AUH-like approach we have a 3-person O information theory
>> explaining why the embedded observer lives with many (1-person)
>> information.
>> This is also one of the oldest argument in favour of the MWI appearing in
>> this list. If I remember correctly, it was put by Hal Finney.
>> Bruno

The idea is that there is no information in a classical tautology.
Now either the universe exist or it doesn't exist. There is no information
in that last sentence. I say there is no 3-information.
You can see that ``or" as a kind of branching.
In the branch where the universe exists the people believe there is
information, but it is just 1-information.
Of course in the branch where the universe doesn't exist, there is no
to realise it.

This illustrates that 0 3-information (All universe exists, the empty
theory which is satisfied in all models) could make 1 bit 1-information.

So I agree with your 1-bit information, but it is 1-information, which is
explainable in a O bit 3-information theory.

(1-information = information from the first person point of view,
3-information = information from the third person point of view)

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