Re: Evil ? (was: Hypostases (was: Natural Order & Belief)

From: Tom Caylor <>
Date: Fri, 05 Jan 2007 01:15:29 -0800

Tom Caylor wrote:
> So the solution to the problem of evil *starts* with the theological
> solution, as I said above, the solution to the separation between us
> and who we really are meant to be. Since we were made in the image of
> the personal God, then with the G(Logos) we can be brought into
> relationship with Him again. This is the core to the solution of evil.
> Now this does not automatically imply that evil is immediately solved
> down in the 5th through 8th hypostases, i.e. the concrete problem of
> evil. But the solution to evil must first start at the level of our
> human persons.

I want to correct myself when I said "the solution to evil must first
start at the level of our human persons." It starts with the personal
God. I was just saying that personal redemption/healing comes before
"physical" redemption/healing. Romans 8 actually addresses this
"matter" too in verses 18-22.


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