From: Jason <>
Date: Wed, 03 Jan 2007 10:07:49 -0000

Hello Everyone,

I am a 22 year old male who majored in computer science. I have some
level of familiarity with Ultimate Ensemble, Digital physics, the
many-worlds interpretation, as well as philosophy. Some people that
have influenced my ideas include: Max Tegmark, David Deutsch, Wei Dai,
Konrad Zuse, Daniel Dennett, Burkhard Heim, Stephen Wolfram, and
Jürgen Schmidhuber. I've recently put together a cohesive paper
regarding my ideas which can be found here

I am curious about other's opinions regarding one of my ideas in
particular, that observers are far far more likely to find themselves
in a universe that exhibits qualities of quantum mechanics (namely many
worlds). This is because the number of observers will grow at an
extremely high exponential rate compared to observers in a universe
with only one history line.

Along this same thought, could this also explain why the universe's
initial conditions were extremely close to the maximum without causing
an early gravitational collapse? Having more matter means more
possibility for interactions, and therefore the universe will split at
an even higher rate, causing universes with maximum initial conditions
to quickly overtake universes with a lesser abundance of particles. In
a sense, the number of particles in a many-worlds universe would
determine the base in the exponential function that calculates how
quickly the universe splits.

Look forward to hearing your thoughts,


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