Re: Evil ? (was: Hypostases (was: Natural Order & Belief)

From: Bruno Marchal <>
Date: Fri, 29 Dec 2006 16:12:17 +0100

Le 28-déc.-06, à 21:54, Brent Meeker a écrit : (to Jef)

> I think "objective" should just be understood as denoting subjective
> agreement from different viewpoints.

Curiosuly enough perhaps I could agree if you were saying "physically
objective" can be understood as denoting subjective agreement.
But frankly I do not believe that 17 is prime depends on any agreement
between different viewpoints (but the definition of 17 and prime of
But about physics I agree. And I know that you know how Vic Stenger
extracts a big deal of physics from invariance for change of
referential systems.

> I'd say experience is always "direct", an adjective which really adds
> nothing. An experience just is. If it has to be interpreted *then*
> you've fallen into an infinite regress: who experiences the
> interpretation.

I can understand why 1-experience seems direct, but I am not sure this
really make sense. As I said to Jef, infinite regression in computer
science can be solved.

> To call it an illusion goes too far. I'd say the self is a model or
> an abstract construct - but it models something, it has predictive
> power. If you start to call things like that "illusions" then
> everything is an illusion and the word has lost its meaning.



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