Re: computer pain

From: James N Rose <>
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2006 07:05:59 -0800


As I was reading your comments this morning, an example
crossed my mind that might fit your description of in-place
code lines that monitor 'disfunction' and exist in-situ as
a 'pain' alert .. that would be error evaluating 'check-sum'

In a functional way, parallel check-summing, emulates at least
the first part of an 'experience pain' rete .. the initial
establishment of a signal message 'something is wrong'.

What I'm getting at is that the question could be
approached best by not retrofitting to 'experiential
qualia' .. where we don't have a reasonable way to
specify the different systems' 'experiencing', but we
do have a way to identify analogs of process.

For example - its possible to identify in architecture
and materiales where 'points of highest stress' occur.

The physicality of structures may indeed internally be
"experiencing" higher-pressure nodes as 'pain' - where
the only lack in the chain of our interaction with
'inanimate' structures, is OUR lack-of -wisdom in
recognizing that those stress point are in fact
'pain-points' for those kinds of systems.

For living systems, the nature of the neural connections is
that the communication lines are still raw and open - back
to the locus of the problem (pain site). In non-living
structures, any break or disruption totally shuts down
the back-reporting -- 'pain' disappears when all communication
'about' the pain-source is taken away or simply breaks down.


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