Re: The Totally Blind Zombie Homunculus Room

From: Tom Caylor <>
Date: Mon, 04 Dec 2006 08:54:47 -0800

Mark Peaty wrote:
> Nice try Colin! :-)
> and very thought provoking, as are all the contributions of yours which
> I have read on various discussion groups.
> Here though I think your assumptions are driving your conclusions and
> you beg some of the questions you seem to be assuming that you are
> answering.
> I don't see this as either a sin or a crime, so long as it is
> acknowledged. This is because I assert that we MUST assert what we
> believe about the world, because if we didn't we couldn't function at
> all or, alternatively, neither self nor other could honestly infer that
> we did believe anything about the world; it would just be a form of
> dreaming.

Amen! In the true spirit of the Everything list, I believe. I am not
content with dreaming all week. One way or another we must face our
given unprovable beliefs (as Bruno defines faith), and then our eyes
are opened to the further truth. ....and then, even Godel believed in
an ultimate truth. But that may be too difficult for some to swallow,
that all truth is ultimately based on ultimate truth, not just logic.
But the first part of the journey is often taken just concentrating on
the road.


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