Objects, Lists, and continuums

From: Hal Ruhl <HalRuhl.domain.name.hidden>
Date: Sun, 03 Dec 2006 14:16:56 -0500

I have tried to find material discussing the following idea but have
not found any yet so I would appreciate comments.

The idea is based in the description of objects.

It was recently pointed out to me as being an aspect of my model by
Alastair Malcolm.

The idea is presented below and its result appears to be to exclude
continuums from universes.


1) There is a list of all possible properties of objects.

2) The list and all its sublists are the descriptions of all possible objects.

By Cantor's diagonal argument lists can be no more than countably
infinite in length.

An object's spacial coordinates are part of its description [its
sublist] but because the full list is at most only countably infinite
in length there can not be a continuum of spacial coordinates on
it. The same would apply to an object's time coordinates.

Universes are objects described by sub lists of the full list and
consist of sets of other sub lists but as such universes can not
contain continuums of spacial or temporal coordinates or continuums
of any other property its objects might have.

As an aside, in my current model the full list and its sub lists are
both description and object. Objects interact by mutually
changing just one property - their location on a Physical Reality
dimension. The change is just a shifting of boundaries between sublists.

Hal Ruhl


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