RE: UDA revisited

From: Stathis Papaioannou <>
Date: Sat, 25 Nov 2006 14:48:23 +1100

Colin Hales writes:
> I would predict extremely primitive phenomenal scenes to a single cell
> organism...Perhaps LIGHT/NOT-LIFGT...With causal efficacy. I think
> paramecium might operate this way. 'Phenomenal scenes' and 'abstraction
> from/via phenomenal scenes' are two independent axes of intellect. It is
> the single cell version which I would hold responsible for the cambrian
> explosion. Ants may have a collective intellect, but it's based on
> primitive phenomenal scenes (not zombies). The very first single-cell
> non-zombie had an amazing survival advantage even if their reflex
> behaviour was random (anything rather than nothing). In my AGI model
> certain types of single celled creatures cannot help but have 'phenomena'
> - it comes with their membrane and can't be helped. Fill it with genetic
> material and the cell goes negative....make it selectively permeable...job
> done.
You don't think paramecium behaviour could be modelled on a computer?
Stathis Papaiaonnou
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