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Because I'm fascinated by high-complexity type puzzle contests (i.e
puzzles lasting 6 months or more) as a possible way to test really high
IQ's. It's also indirectly relevent to 'theories of everything' since
'the universe' is one giant puzzle ;)

The Challenge

'Secret's of the Alchemist Dar' (released end of Sep, 2006). It's a
childen's book. But buried in the illustrations and text are clues
leading to $US 2 million in prizes. You're looking for 'diamond rings'
- there are 100 on offer for the first people to crack the puzzles but
I think that no physical searching is involved. You're not told what
to do or how to claim your prizes though. This is part of what you
have to solve. No advanced math is required - the book is a
*children's book* and I think the puzzle is designed such that a bright
child should in theory be able to solve it.

The contest is open to every-one in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland,
Australia, NZ, France, Germany, Signapore, Hong Kong and Japan. It's
world-wide. Books are avaliable in all book-shops (New Releases and/or
Children's Section).

Be the first to crack the top puzzle and win a red diamond of 'eternal
life' valued at
$US 1 million (or take substitute cash prize).

Amazon link:

Official puzzle web-site and forums:

Puzzles like this might be good practice for constructing theories of
everything.  I've been doing this for a week or two and there's a very
entertaining code in the back section.  Who wants to take up the
challenge then?
(Be warned though: Treasure hunts like this are very addictive and
puzzles of this level of complexity usually take between 6-9 months
before a solution emerges).
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