Re: The Fourth Hypostase, String Theory, Diophantus and the Monster

From: Colin Geoffrey Hales <>
Date: Sat, 30 Sep 2006 11:18:23 +1000 (EST)

> Le 27-sept.-06, ࠲0:41, Tom Caylor a 飲it :
>> I've thought of bringing up the Monster group here before, but I didn't
think anyone here would be that weird, since I even get "weird"
reactions to my ideas about the Riemann zeta function. I've noticed
the connection with the number 26 also. (By the way, for some unknown
reason in my childhood 26 was my favorite number ;)
> 26 is 24 + 2.
> 24 dimensions of space + 2 dimension of time (useful for continuous
bifurcating time).
> I have try to develop such a "toy" theory. But it has no fermion
although there are bizare object emerging from many sort of bosons which
could perhaps play that role.
> There are too much theories like that, and my hope is to extract
constraints from the comp person point of view.
> (At least now we know the difference between fiction and reality: it is
18 ;)

LOL!! Can I quote you on that? :-)

"The difference between fiction and reality is 18"
                                        Bruno Marchal

I love it!


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