RE: Reality, the bogus nature of the Turing test

From: John M <>
Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2006 13:22:49 -0700 (PDT)

--- Colin Hales <> wrote:
(among a lot other things, quoted and replied to):

>I disagree and can show empirical proof that we
scientists only THINK we are not being solipsistic.<

I wrote in this sense lately (for the past say 40
years) but now I tend to change my solipsistic mind in
view of your position - maybe the other way around,
but for a mathematician (whay I amnot) a
multiplication with -1 is no big deal.

As I formulate my new ideas (did not elevate them to
'position') everybody with an active mind (e.g. with a
mentality that generates ideas) is living in a
solipsistic air of his own ideas. This is relevant to
peasants, to religious fanatics, also to scientists
etc. (I don't know which applies to me, I never
proclaimed myself a 'scientist', am not religious and
have no farm). We may pretend to see 3rd person errors
(sic) but really we live in our 1st person enclave.
This is OK in my own little nuthouse. I pretended to
be more open and 'think' about a reality I can never
attain, but behind such pretension was my hypocrisy.

Thanks for adding something (even if considerable as
negative) to my thinking (solipstic as it is - pardon
me the pun, it is a typo).

With best regards (also from me to me, but never mind:
you can accept it)

John Mikes

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