Re: Reality, the bogus nature of the Turing test

From: Bruno Marchal <>
Date: Thu, 21 Sep 2006 16:16:53 +0200

About solipsism I think it is useful to distinguish:

- the (ridiculous) *doctrine* of solipsism. It says that I exist and
you don't.

- the quasi trivial fact that any pure first person view is
solipsistic. This makes the doctrine of solipsism non refutable, and
thus non scientific in Popper sense. But it gives a genuine sense to
the adjective "solipsistic" (as opposed to the ridiculous doctrine).
This is related to "methodological solipsism" (cf Peter's post). Of
course "methodological solipsism" is not the same as the doctrine of
Rumors say that Brouwer was really solipsistic. he would have said to
its students that he did not understand how they could be interested in
its solipsistic philosophy which makes only personal sense ...

Russell, when you say "nothing external exist", do you mean "nothing
primitively material" exist, or do you mean there is no independent
reality at all, not even an immaterial one? (I ordered your book but I
am still waiting :)


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