Re: Russell's book

From: Johnathan Corgan <>
Date: Tue, 12 Sep 2006 13:55:46 -0700

David Nyman wrote:

> So long as there seemed
> to be some plausible (even if very small) number of 'escape routes'
> then it might be worth a punt.

>From a 'yes doctor' bet point of view, this introduces the idea of
relative expectation of different future outcomes, an idea hashed out
here many many times.

Personally I think it's rational to base one's current actions on the
probability of expected outcome*value (maximum utility theory). And I
also think subjective probability should equate to "proportion of
measure." (Others disagree with this way of measuring future expectation.)

QTI makes a big twist on this by removing from the numerator *and*
denominator those outcomes where consciousness ceases.

> Your speculation re extremely small
> measure is interesting in this context. Personally, I would expect some
> sort of consciousness to survive in a non-zero branch, but in what
> company?

Not sure what the question is. Do you mean, what would things be like
afterward? Would it be worth it?


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