Russell's book

From: David Nyman <>
Date: Tue, 12 Sep 2006 12:52:25 -0000

Hi Russell

I just received the book and have swiftly perused it (one of many
iterations I expect). I find it to be a clear presentation of your own
approach as well as a fine exposition of many topics from the list that
had me baffled. A couple of things immediately occur:

1) QTI - I must say until reading your remarks (e.g. re pension plans)
the possible personal consequences of QTI hadn't really struck me. If
QTI is true, there is a fundamental assymetry between the 1st and
3rd-person povs vis-a-vis personal longevity (at least the longevity of
consciousness), and this seems to imply that one should take seriously
the prospect of being around in some form far longer than generally
assumed from a purely 3rd-person perspective. This has obvious
implications for retirement planning in general and avoidance of the
more egregious cul-de-sac situations. On the other hand, short of
outright lunacy vis-a-vis personal safety, it also seems to imply that
from the 1st-person pov we are likely to come through (albeit possibly
in less-than-perfect shape) even apparently minimally survivable
situations. This struck me particularly forcibly while watching the
9/11 re-runs on TV last night.

In effect, we are being presented with a kind of 'yes doctor' in
everyday life. Do you find that these considerations affect your own
behaviour in any way?

2) RSSA vs ASSA - Isn't it the case that all 'absolute' self samples
will appear to be 'relative' (i.e. to their own content) and hence
1st-person experience can be 'time-like' without the need for
'objective' sequencing of observer moments? If the 'pov' is that of the
multiverse can't we simply treat all 1st-person experience as the
'absolute sampling' of all povs compresently?


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