RE: Counterfactual?

From: Stathis Papaioannou <>
Date: Sat, 2 Sep 2006 19:45:18 +1000

Peter Jones writes:

> > But is there any sense in which we as humans are any more "free" than billiard
> > balls or dice beyond the fact that we *feel* we are free?
> There may be. For instance, freedom might be a combination of
> indeterminism and rational self-control.
> > I have a strong feeling
> > that my free will is not randomness and not determinism: is there anything really
> > other tthan these two possibilities?
> Various combinations of them. Why should it not be a combination ?

OK, that could be the case, but then the roll of the dice will probably also be best
described as a combination of randomness and deterministic physical laws. So the
reason I have free will and the dice do not is just that I feel I have free will, not that my
behaviour is fundamentally any more or less predictable or subject to physical laws.

Stathis Papaioannou
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