RE: evidence blindness

From: Colin Hales <>
Date: Sun, 27 Aug 2006 13:29:11 +1000

Dear Benjamin and folks,
Your words capture a whole bunch of valuable stuff. In a project to define a
comprehensive standard for 'scientific method' it would be very useful
input. The particulars involved here, however, are about the basic reality
that all scientific behaviour is grounded in consciousness (phenomenal
fields). Indeed this is literally _mandated_ by scientists. If we cannot
introduce the studied behaviour into phenomenal fields (even via instruments
and tortuous inference trails re causality) we are told in no uncertain
terms that "we are not being scientific, you cannot be doing science....go
see the metaphysics dept over there".

This oddity in science is quite amazing and so incredibly obvious that I
sometimes wonder about the sanity of scientists. Is it a club or a
professional discipline? We:

a) demand evidence _within_ consciousness on pain of being declared
and then
b) declare that no scientific evidence exists for consciousness because
consciousness can't render consciousness visible within consciousness?

....when consciousness is the entire and only originating source of

Once again I say:


Are not identities.

There is more evidence for consciousness than anything else. It's just not
phenomenal _contents_. It's the phenomenal fields themselves. This is the
only message I have here. I have a whole pile of suggestions as to what to
do about it...but it's too huge to insert and won't make any difference if
this basic reality is not recognised.

This increase in scope of scientific evidence gives license for a change in
scientific behaviour. Scientific behaviour includes more than is currently
recognised. The net result is that we have permission as scientists to
carefully go places previously thought 'unscientific'. Having done so those
places should be able to predict mechanisms for consciousness consistent
with the evidence consciousness provides... that's all.

And remember this fact simply doesn't matter in normal day to day science
until you try and do a scientific study of the scientific evidence generator
(consciousness). Then all hell breaks loose and your busted beliefs about
the nature of scientific evidence are exposed for what they are.

We need to get used to the idea. This is a brute fact and there's nothing
else to say on the matter... I just wish that I'd stop constantly coming
across signs of the aberrant beliefs in scientific discourse....not just
here on this list but all around me....sooooo pervasive and soooo wrong.

Colin Hales

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