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What is - 6 - ?
Perfect number, you say.
If I do NOT count - or quantize, does it have ANY meaning at all?
I don't see sense in saying it is more than 5 and less than 7 if I do not
know the meaning of 5 and 7 as well. And of 6 of course.
Without quantification, what does "6" mean? Why is it perfect? In what?
Try to cut out 'counting' and 'quantities' - let us regard the symbol '6'.
What does it symbolize?
I can understand it in 2+4=6 on an abacus, but there it is 'counting'
What is it in the preceding line?
In old Rome 8-3=6 was the right result (as in their back-counting calendar
as 8,7,6 - they included the starting (day) into the subtraction), now 8-2
make 6 - 6 what?

John M
To date: Ante diem XVII-um calendas Septembris as Aug. 15 (not XVI as 32-16)
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Le 14-août-06, à 19:21, Brent Meeker a écrit :

> But how must the perfect number exist or not exist? You say you only
> mean
> it must be true that there is a number equal to the sum of its divsors
> independent of you. Do you mean independent only in the sense that
> others
> will know 6 is perfect after you're gone, or do you mean 6 is perfect
> independent of all humans, all intelligent beings, the whole world?

In the second sense.
The perfectness of 6 is what would make any sufficiently clever entity
from any possible (consistent) worlds, existing or not, to know that.
In that sense it has to be a primitive truth.

You can see this through a sequence of stronger and stronger modesty
1) Bruno is not so important that 6 would loose its "perfection" after
Bruno is gone;
2) The Belgian are not so important that 6 would loose its perfectness
after the Belgian are gone;
3) The European are not so important that 6 would loose ...
4) The Humans are not so ...
5) The Mammals are not so ...
6) The creature of Earth are not so ...
7) the creature of the Solar system are not so ...
8) the creature of the Milky way are not so ...
9) the creature of the local universe are not so ...
10) the creature of the multiverse are not so ...
11) the creature of the multi multi verse are not so
11) the possible creatures are not so ...

Yes, I think (and assume in the Arithmetical realist part of comp) that
the fact that 6 is equal to its proper divisors sum, is a truth beyond
time, space, whatever ...
I have the feeling I would lie to myself to think the contrary. I am
frankly more sure about that than about the presence of coffee in my
cup right now. I cannot imagine that the numbers themselves could go
away. They are not eternal, because they are not even in the category
of things capable of lasting or not with respect to any form of
observable or not reality.


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