Re: Are First Person prime?

From: 1Z <>
Date: Sun, 13 Aug 2006 23:13:34 -0000

Brent Meeker wrote:

> It's a somewhat beyond my expertise, but as I understand these theories of
> cosmogony it's analogous to Hawking radiation: Pair production produces a
> virtual quantum particle/anti-particle pair. Inflation is so rapid that it
> pulls them apart and provides the energy to make the virtual particles real
> particles. They are entangled but they are now separated by billions of
> lightyears. So the information (complexity) of the world we see can in
> principle be cancelled out (net zero information as well as matter) as in a
> quantum erasure experiment, but in practice we cannot access the entangled
> particle to do so.
> I think this idea of a zero-information universe is implicit in the MWI of
> QM. Whenever a random event happens it provides information (per Shannon's
> defintion),

Only inasmuch as other events are causally related to it. If you have
but random events, you would have maximum information by the
Shannon/Entropy measure, and by the Kolmogorov/Chaitin measure...
however by the "information is always information about something"
(and the "information is a difference that makes a difference"
you would have no information at all!

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