Re: Are First Person prime?

From: Brent Meeker <>
Date: Fri, 11 Aug 2006 09:33:45 -0700

1Z wrote:
> Brent Meeker wrote:
>>1Z wrote:
>>>Bruno Marchal wrote:
>>>>Le 09-août-06, à 12:46, 1Z a écrit :
>>>>>Timeless universe, universes where everything that can exist
>>>>>does exist, are not well founded empirically.
>>>>So we should understand that you would criticize any notion, sometimes
>>>>brought by physicists, of "block-universe".
>>>Yes, I certainly would! It is unable to explain the subjective
>>>passage of time. Dismissing the subjective sensation of the passge of
>>>as "merely subjective" or "illusional" is a surreptitious
>>>appeal to dualism and therefore un-physicalistic!
>>I don't see that problem. In the block universe each subject is modelled as
>>having different states at different times and hence subjectively
>>experiences the passage of time.
> That doesn't follow.
> Time Capsules: Getting Flow from Sequence.
> Proponents of the Block Universe view believe that there is only a
> B-Series. Some think that alone is adequate to explain the subjective
> Flow-of-Time. It is easy enough to see how there could be a sequence in
> the B series. If we consider a series of 3 dimensional "snapshots" of
> someone's brain, each subsequent snapshot iwll contain information
> relating back to previous ones.
> But is this chain or sequence enough to establish flow ? A B-series
> without an A-series is like a spatial series. If you had a series of
> clones arranged spatially so that clone 2 has all of clone 1's memories
> (and more), clone 3 has all of clone 2's memories (and more) and so on,
> you would not expect anything to be flowing from one clone to another.
> The clones form a series of "time capsules", and a such they have a
> natural sequence, but that is all.
> Without an A series, there is nothing to justify the idea that only one
> time capsule is conscious "at a time".

Sure there is. Pick a time and I can show you which capsule is conscious
"at that time".

Brent Meeker

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