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> > I think "we simulate what we are living in" according to the little we
> > Such 'simulation' - 'simplification' - 'modeling' - 'metaphorizing' - or
> > weven
> > 'harrypotterizing' things we think does not change the
> > we live in. We just think "and therefore we think we are.
> John
David wrote:
> I'm encouraged by the above to ask if you have any views deriving from
> this vis-a-vis the 'first person prime' thread?
> David

The thread was much much more than I could attentively follow. My vocabulary
is different from most posts and so the 'first person prime' is hard to
My views do not derive from that thread. 'My' 1st person views are derived
from 'impacts' (I will accept a better word) I get - interpreted (adjusted?)
according to my 'mindcontent' - experinece, knowledge-base, personality, -
which means that it is by no means primary. My percept of reality is a
composite of them all.
Yours is different. If you tell me about yours, I will 'catch' them in the
form my 1st person(ality) understands them, not as you thought it.
I wonder if I "caught" your question?

John M

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